FOCUS on creating a safer environment in:

Parking Lots

Using an end-to-end security solution managed by Axis Camera Station.

It’s not easy making sure your premises are safe and secure, around the clock. We can help.  We partnered with Axis Communications as the market leader in network video, and design solutions based on their intelligent products and technologies are made to work seamlessly together – giving you a complete package to help increase safety and security in any environment. Get a clear picture of dark stairwells, corridors and weather-beaten car parks. Monitor and manage entrances and restricted areas remotely. And communicate with staff, students or unwanted visitors. With AXIS Camera Station it couldn’t be easier. With Axis, you can do it your way. Choose an-end-to-end solution that’s ready straight out-of-the-box with our wide range of network ready solutions. Or, if you need to adapt to existing policies or specified equipment, don’t worry – you can build your own system, using our software and custom built PCs and servers. The choice is yours. So, you can relax, knowing that your premises – and everyone in them – are in the safest hands.

Do it all, with AXIS Camera Station Make security management simpler than ever with AXIS Camera Station – an intuitive video management system that covers all your needs.

> Flexible – view and control your entire security system from anywhere

> Fast – manage incidents as soon they occur and quickly export high-definition evidence

> Comprehensive – increase your awareness of site activities for a safer environment

> Simple – forget about complicated training and maintenance

AXIS Camera Station works seamlessly with our entire range of network products, so you can create the right solution to meet your needs.

Stay safe and secure

With Axis, you won’t just get the right system to suit all your needs; you’ll also get value for money and first-class support. You can rely on an end-to-end solution from Axis to deliver the best performance, all day, every day. And as the needs of your premises grow or change, you can extend it quickly and easily.