We just can’t seem to stay out of court or jail for that matter

Computer Network Services (CNS) has been helping us manage our data infrastructure since 2013 and we have always been very pleased. CNS not only has friendly staff, but very well trained staff.  From the moment they first came on site and did triage to transition our agency from the previous network provider, they were extremely professional and knowledgeable.  CNS coordinates everything for us from anti-virus to backups to email management to hardware recommendations. CNS manages and monitors all our servers in the circuit. Any project we have with CNS is skillfully planned around our schedule to minimize downtime for my end users.  Most recently, with CNS recommendations, we implemented SOPHOS, a computer security software and hardware appliance that provides communication endpoints, encryption, network wireless security as well as unified threat management products.  Installation was seamless and well-choreographed.  CNS has SOPHOS certified technicians on staff and while we looked at other solutions,  This seemed like the best option for our agency since it was all in one and very easy to manage.  We are completely satisfied with the high level of customer service, timeliness and knowledge that CNS possesses.

The team is great and they handle our IT problems as soon as they arrive. CNS knows their stuff from networking our entire office to making sure our system is secure, I know they are only a phone call away for technical support and when we need them in-house they are always quick to respond.  I definitely recommend Computer Network Services to everyone